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For most families, the decision to move an elderly relative into permanent care is rarely planned in advance.  It usually comes during a time of crisis when the older person has become too frail or disabled to cope at home even with substantial help.  The situation may have deteriorated due to an acute episode of illness resulting in a hospital admission.  When they are ready for discharge, enormous pressure can be put on the family to find a care home.  This is a process which they have never before experienced, and generally most people do not know where to start.  Remember, hospitals cannot discharge the older person without alternative safe service provision being available.  Family members feel guilty enough about no longer being able to cope without 'getting it wrong' due to a rushed decision.


This site has been set up to try to help you with questions and concerns.  It will also help with issues related to on-going care. There are information sheets for specific topics, but in the mean time please use the email address to ask what you wish about aspects of searching for a care home, and concerns about the well-being of your relative or friend.


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Advice about care homes and ongoing care is provided by a Registered Nurse/Registered Nurse Lecturer who has worked for many years in nursing homes and a hospice.  There is no affiliation with any organisation involved in owning or running care homes.  The service is free for the first month to non-professionals.


Our services


Impartial advice and support on finding a care home

Information about how to deal with concerns about standards of care

Direction to official websites about regulation, funding and benefits

Assistance with a range of issues related to care

Access to expertise on clinical issues